Aretha & Susie

Aretha & Susie, originally uploaded by etchasketchist.

My computer's busted so no new sketches today. Here's a portrait I did a week ago for Susie of herself and her daughter, Aretha. If you'd like me to do your portrait, check out the new deal. Also, my Flickr Pro account is apparently up for renewal. I'm not sure what'll happen when it expires but it could mean the end of the Etchasketchist! Oh noes! If you want to kick down for another year of unlimited Etch-a-Sketch awesomeness in big beautiful hi-res, I think you can hook me up by clicking the little "pro" link on my profile page. If nobody wants to help me out, I might pay for it myself, or I might just quit this whole Etch-a-Blogging thing altogether. You never know. I'm crazy like that. Whatever, I do what I want!

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