Lil' Sis vs. The Etchasketchist

Who wants to battle?

Went home and battled Lil' Sis to see who's the dopest knob rocker in the family. Ten minute time limit, straight off the dome, no references. The theme was PIRATES!
The Battle

Lil' Sis was thinking about going to Berkeley at the time, but we all decided that having more than one of us going to a dirtbag hippy communist school would be just too embarrassing so I had to edit the photo a little bit. All the other pics are raw and untouched up straight from The Moms' camera.

Her Pirate
Lil' Sis brought the skillz and looked to establish her Etch-a-Sketch bona fides. Underestimate her at your peril.

Her pirate has a good full beard, an eye patch, a bandana and a sword. The shirt is a little tight fitting, but he's got the physique to make it work. The belt and buckle is a classy touch. Stylish, but not ostentatious. The pose is bit ambiguous. Is he saying, "Stand back, ye scurvy dogs, or I'll run this wench through with me blade" or merely, "Hey, did anybody drop this cutlass? I'm going to go put it in lost and found if nobody's going to claim it, m'kay!"
My Pirate
Here's my guy. I maybe overdid it with the details and the background action. He's got the Jolly Roger, the ship out at sea, a treasure chest, sword, beard, eye patch, boots, vest, even a friggin' parrot. Makes you a little suspicious. Like he's trying a little too hard. Is this guy really a pirate or just a host at Long John Silver's? And the stance is all wrong. Pirate's don't claim islands in the name of Piratevania. He's got his back turned on his booty which is just askin' for it. See, even the parrot's thinking about flying off with a few doubloons.


Side by side it's hard to tell. As much as I'd love to just declare myself the winner, I suppose that would be slightly unfair seeing as how I'm technically in the competition. So what do you think? Who's the best knob rocker in my family*?

*please pick me. she's going to Stanford in the fall. This etchasketching crap is all I got!