Covenant Grunt

Covenant Grunt, originally uploaded by etchasketchist.

I'm still catching up on my Halos. I'm a little over a third of the way through Halo 2 now and I should be ready to tackle 3 in a week or so. I'm really enjoying the time capsule effect. It's neat going back and experiencing something that blew everyone away 6 years ago.

The first Halo was undeniably awesome. I love how just as you've mastered all the Covenant baddies, the game flips and introduces the Flood which completely changes the dynamics. You have to use different weapons, move through rooms and corridors differently and instead of a feeling of being an efficient and graceful killing machine, you have to become a panicked, trigger happy freak in order to survive.

The sequel isn't really doing it for me so far. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the fact that the learning curve isn't there like it was in the first Halo. Going straight from H1 to H2 with nothing in between kinda ruins the learning curve. One of the great pleasures of video game playing is going up against a game that seems impossible and slowly figuring out the strategies and techniques necessary to beat it. That happened a ton in Halo. I kept getting stuck at checkpoints that seemed absurdly beyond my abilities. At first I was frustrated and thought this was poor pacing on Bungies part, but now that I'm breezing through Halo 2, I'm beginning to appreciate it more. Maybe H2 still has awesomeness left in it, but I'm dubious. Hopefully 3 will find the right balance. We shall see.

Haven't touched multiplayer yet. Doesn't really look that fun to me:


Ryan said...

I'm really glad you spent a lot of time, effort, and perseverance to create an etch-a-sketch version of a fucking video game creature. You fucking piece of shit.

Mike said...

Cool down, a-hole.

The hardest thing you've ever worked on is that half paragraph you wrote.

Ease up on the guy, and try to contribute to the advancement of the human race.

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