Spiderman, originally uploaded by etchasketchist.

Saw the midnight showing last night. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it sucked. Major let down.


portorikan said...

you really thought it sucked?

I thought it was great. I liked it quite a bit and I'm a pretty big Spidey fan.

It was funny. I thought the more sappier moments were a bit too sappy maybe, but otherwise, it was pretty good.

Etchasketchist said...

'Fraid so. It was just so all over the place. I can't care about Mary Jane's acting career, Peter Parker's professional rivalry, Flint Marko's sick kid, Goblin-boy's amnesia/daddy issues, AND Spiderman's new evil suit all at the same time. Pick a story, tell it and make it cool. Don't try to jam all this stuff into one movie. And don't get me started on Peter Parker's song and dance number with the Fall Out Boy haircut. Blech. Such a lame way to end the trilogy.

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