Matzah in the Trash

Jonathan in the garbage, originally uploaded by etchasketchist.

A little backstory:

Matzah from So Fresh, So Cold decided to use a picture of me (in my underwear!) without my permission to promote a party he was DJing. Seeing that I was unamused by his little prank, he decided it would be fair if he sent out an old picture of himself in his underwear in a trash can.

While I appreciated his gesture of reconciliation, I didn't really feel I could come to the proper sense of closure I needed until I'd worked out my feelings on my Etch-a-Sketch. So this piece represents the final result of the turmoil I was going through as a result of Matzah's unfortunate and inconsiderate decision. And with that, I officially call this beef squashed.

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genny said...

oh, jon.